Mar 15

Guess Who? themed game insert cards

This set includes 8 themed game insert card sets for playing Guess Who? … but in a different way. Guess Who? is a two-player guessing game. The original game uses faces and names, but with the sets included in this download you can revamp the game!

The general instructions for Guess Who? are:
Each player starts the game with a board that includes images standing up. The game starts with each player selecting a card from a separate pile of cards containing the same 24 images. The object of the game is to be the first to determine which card one’s opponent has selected. Players alternate asking various yes or no questions to eliminate candidates. The player will then eliminate candidates by flipping those images down until all but one is left. Well-crafted questions allow players to eliminate one or more possible cards.

Instructions for using the card inserts:
Print the PDF of this product at 100% size for the cards to fit the original Guess Who? game board version. If you are using a different version of the game board, you can adjust the size of the cards by printing them using a custom scale. You need three sets per theme, one for the red board, one the blue board and one set of cards from which you choose what the other person will be guessing. Cut out the cards, and insert them in the game boards. If you don’t have the game board, you can also play the game by turning the cards that are eliminated.

You’re ready to play! Because of the difference with the original Guess Who? game, the students have to construct different yes/no questions to eliminate the possibilities on their game boards. For instance, for the vehicles set, they can ask questions like:

Does it run on a track?
Can multiple people ride in it?
Does it have a siren?
Does it go fast?

The students will have to be creative to guess the correct card! The themes included are: vehicles, colors & shapes, food & drink, animals, objects, farm animals, numbers & letters, and beginning sounds. You can also use the included blank template to create your own cards.


This product is available on TpT.

Feb 22

The vegetable garden: Spring themed math and language activities

This package provides many great math and language activities and is a valuable addition to farm or spring themes. There are 40 suggestions included on how you may use the materials. The package is available on TpT.


Feb 16

Flowers math games

Bring flowers into the classroom with this 42 page package of flower themed math games!

This flower themed math games package contains games with which the children can playfully practice counting, the colors, numbers on the dice and the number symbols up to fifteen. To top it off, there are twenty circle time actvities with flowers included in this package.

Open a flower shop and let the children sell colorful bouquets of flowers. The customer visits the shop with a shopping list, a ‘Bouquet card’. On this card is shown what the bouquet should look like; how many flowers and what colors. The seller arranges the flowers into a beautiful bouquet. The necessary materials can be found with the game ‘Bouquets’.

The ‘Flower fields’ are marker cards, where the children count flowers and look for the correct number symbol. They put a mark on the correct answer. A good exercise for counting and fine motor skills.

‘Picking Flowers’ is a fun game that is played with several children. The children throw the color dice and follow a route through the field of flowers.

‘Coloring flowers’ is a game in which the colors and counting are practiced. This is also the case in ‘Flower Dice’, a game that can be played together.

Finally, there are plenty of flowers planted in ‘Planting flowers’. A game sheet with many variants.

For group activities with flowers there are twenty suggestions for circle time. These activities are for the whole group with various levels of difficulty.

The Flowers math games package is available at TpT.

Feb 11

Little knight math games

Conrad is a knight in training who learns many things from knight Roderick, like shooting at a target and repairing damaged shields. Conrad is starting to become a real knight. It is time for him to choose a nice shield with diamonds at the blacksmith’s …

This brand new, 55 page package contains three ‘knightly’ math games with knight Roderick and his squire Conrad.

In the first game “Targets”, Roderick teaches Conrad how to shoot with bow and arrow. Conrad practices many hours and his arrows hit the target! Children name the scored numbers and add up the score. An exciting game that offers many challenges.

In the second game, “Shields,” Conrad repairs shields that have been broken during a knightly duel. There are some diamonds missing from the shields. By mirroring Conrad knows which diamonds he has put on the shield. The children help Conrad with this. With a good visualization ability they will certainly succeed.

The third game is called “Squires”. Here Roderick lets Conrad choose a shield because he is starting to become a real knight. Conrad knows what he wants and has prepared a drawing of the shield of his dreams to show the blacksmith. Counting cards will show the children how to make the shield for Conrad. They playfully practice counting, the number symbols and colors.

All games in this package have multiple levels, so each child can practice at their own level. Additionally, this package contains twenty suggestions for circle time activities with diamonds. These activities will train observation, auditory memory and visualization.

The Little knight math games package is available at TpT.

Jan 31

Animal sound bingo

I created a new game for your classroom (or at home!). It’s called animal sound bingo.

This is a bingo game where the students have to listen to short animal sound clips and match them to the photos of these animal on their bingo cards. The package contains 24 animal sound clips, a check sheet and 32 different cards. This is great fun for in the classroom! From Kindergarten to fourth graders (and above), everyone will enjoy this!

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Jan 25


Do you use Tangram games in the classroom? Tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap.

This game practices spatial awareness, geometric concepts, problem solving, shapes and mathematical concepts like symmetry and congruency.

I created 3 different Tangram sets which you can use in the classroom or at home: Continue reading

Jan 20

Musical instrument bingo

This is a new game I created which you can use both in the classroom and at home. The game is called Musical Instrument Bingo.

This is a bingo game where the students have to listen to short musical instrument sound clips and match them to the photos of these instruments on their bingo cards. The package contains 24 musical instrument sound clips, a check sheet and 32 different cards. This is great fun for in the classroom! From Kindergarten to fourth graders (and above), everyone will enjoy this!

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