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Dec 30

Autumn worksheets and crafts

New resources on the following pages: autumn crafts, autumn flashcards and worksheets.

Dec 15

Body theme lessons, crafts and worksheets

New content related to the body theme: body lessons, body crafts and body worksheets.

Dec 01

Christmas crafts and worksheets

Some nice downloads for the holiday season: Christmas crafts and Christmas worksheets.

Nov 14

Colour theme games, crafts and worksheets

All new stuff related to the colour theme: Colour games, colour crafts and colour worksheets.

Nov 05

Easter worksheets and crafts

Find our resources related to Easter here: Easter worksheets and easter crafts.

Oct 28

Fish theme: fish crafts, fish worksheets and fish lessons

Lots of stuff for the fish theme: fish crafts, fish worksheets and fish lessons.

Oct 16

Flower crafts and flower worksheets

the flower theme is here: flower crafts and flower worksheets.

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