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Becoming a kindergarten teacher

Do you want to become a kindergarten teacher? read these steps to find out how …

Step 1: Decide if It’s Right for You

Being a kindergarten teacher is not for everybody. The job takes dedication, patience and the willingness to manage your young charges. To get a feel for whether kindergarten teaching is right for you, consider volunteering opportunities at local schools or in other educational settings.

  1. Try to volunteer at a local community outreach or after-school program. Many programs can use the extra help. Volunteering can be an excellent way to gain practical teaching experience.
  2. Become a tutor. Are you particularly knowledgeable in sciences or languages? Tutoring can be a great way to hone your teaching skills on a one-on-one basis.
  3. Consider becoming a mentor. Mentoring is beneficial to many students, and is great experience. Check with local community organizations to assess their needs for potential mentors.
  4. Become a teacher’s aide. Contact local school administrators to find out about possible opportunities. Volunteering as a teacher’s aide could help you become comfortable in the classroom.

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Education glossary

If you need help on words, terms and acronyms used in education, perhaps our education dictionary can help you:

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