Jan 09

Linktip: TeacherPayTeachers

35318344If you are a teacher, sometimes you need a specialized worksheet, a differentiated activity or a game that isn’t commercially available. That is why a lot of teachers, probably even you reading this blog, create resources for your students yourself. And most of the time, these great resources are only used in your classroom and at best shared amongst your direct colleagues.

So what if the teachers community around the world could benefit from them too? And how great would it be to get paid beyond your regular salary for what you create? This is where teachers communities comes in, and one of the most popular marketplaces for these materials is Teachers pay Teachers (TpT).

Teachers pay Teachers was created by New York public school teacher Paul Edelman in 2006. Nowadays millions of teachers visit the site, with thousands maintaining their own TpT stores. On the site you can find both free and premium / paid resources on all subject areas and levels. It’s easy to sign up to start downloading (or selling) materials.

So use this link tip not only if you’re looking for materials, but also if you create resources yourself which you would to share with the rest of the world!

Have a look at my own TpT store here. You can sign up for free by clicking here.

Oct 17

Duh books: fun educational iBooks

996804_297150740428728_1568218330_nDoes your child need ideas for a project or a show and tell? And trusted information that is not just from any online source? Duh books help out. And they’re fun to read!

Duh books are non-fiction books for the iPad. They are for children aged 7 years and up. But adults might learn a thing or two. Did you know there are cats that cost more than 80 thousand dollars? That your birthday on Venus would last more than a year?

The high quality content is on par with the finest traditional educational material. But Duh books are a bit like apps as well: they like to be touched. You can swipe pages, click beautiful images, play little movies and answer questions.

Currently, there are 3 Duh books available in the iBooks store: Universe, Cats and Volcanoes. More titles will follow soon: Knights and castles, Horses, and Pirates.

Duh books are for sale in the iBook Store for US$ 4,99 / UK £2,99


Want to know more first? Check out: www.duhbooks.com or www.facebook.com/duhbooks

Jan 14

New theme: Winter

Another new theme: Winter. There are worksheets and flashcards for this theme. You can also find some printable jigsaw puzzles and a wintermemory game on the worksheets and downloads page of this theme. Have fun!


Oct 09

New theme: toys

I added some worksheets and flashcards for a new theme: toys. You can also find some printable jigsaw puzzles and a toy memory game on the worksheets and downloads page of this theme. Have fun!

Sep 18

Free online coloring pages

New at LessonSense.com are free coloring pages. Each themed coloring book consists of several free coloring pages that you can color, save and print straight from the LessonSense.com website. You can choose from the themes animals, autumn, bears, Christmas, circus, Halloween, professions, shop, Spring, Summer and Winter. Have fun!

Aug 25

A new schoolyear: get your ideas here

Get yourself ready for the new schoolyear! Try some of our themed worksheets, craft ideas or games for your classroom. Check the overview page to see the availble themes!


Jun 13

Getting started with homeschooling

Education is a important part of human existence. But what do you do when you’ ve lost faith in the educators? For plenty of parents who need the best for their kids, homeschooling has become the answer.

Homeschooling is a valid alternative to the traditional public school classroom setting. As the name suggests, the classes happen in the house, and the parents are usually the teachers. Home schooling offers a few advantages over traditional learning. In case you are thinking of homeschooling, here are a few tips for getting started:

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