Obama and McCain on education

Coming Tuesday is election day in the US, I don’t think anyone failed to notice that.  Both Obama and McCain are mainly focussing on the financial crisis and the war in Iraq. These are also what most voters claim to be the most important issues facing the US at the moment. With the campaigns hardening, it is quite possible to miss out on what the election candidates stand for when it comes to (K-12) education.

I found it hard to find out exactly what the main differences are between the two. But when it comes to K-12 education policies like school choice and funding, there are fundamental differences. McCain is much more supportive of school choice and local control than Obama, and Obama supports a much larger increase in federal education spending.  Obama supports an 18 billion dollar increase in federal education spending, with 10 billion of that increase devoted to an expanded federal effort in early education and preschool.

what do you find more important? More money for early education or freedom of school choice? Or both?

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  1. School choice is much more important than spending monies on early education. Most money spent on early education goes into a few people’s pockets and doesn’t really help the children that need it. Go into any public school in this country and see if the money spent on early education has made any difference. If anything, the students are less knowledgeable than they were before the government stepped into the child care/preschool business. Students are more inconsiderate of others as well. If money was spent on school choice, than schools would rethink how their schools are run because they want that money going to them.

  2. As somebody who is not happy with our current school, I would have to say that more funds might be the solution. We are finding that our school does not meet the needs of the gifted children, and the reason is they do not have the funds to manage a gifted program. Problem is, our son is gifted and bored to tears and every morning it’s a battle to get him to school. Choice is only worthwhile if they have the ability to implement the choices. Without the money, that just isn’t going to happen.

    Good question!

  3. School choice is very important, however, I believe that early education is just as important if not more. Notice that children are brighter at a younger age. If we were to point them in the right direction early on, in the future, our society would be up to par and compete with the education levels of other countries.

  4. I feel that education should be mandated by the goverment, however, the mandates should be created by professional of education. Education Test and Standards should be design open-ended and developmenatally appropriate for age and grade levels of the students.

  5. Early childhood education is very imporant in the early development of a young child. Introducing life skill and academic skills at appropriate developmental levels, I believe will promote active learning, social, and self-help skills.

  6. I think that local communities should be allowed to choose which areas most need funding, since they are the ones who know the schools best.

  7. I just completed school and it has suddenly dawned on me that I have absolutely no idea of the career route i’m going to choose. I have always been a “straight A” student, but now that I have had almost a year in the real world, I feel that I have been focusing too much on unreachable goals. I feel it’s come to a point where i’m goint to have to seek out some kind of career development or something of that nature to guide me in the right direction. Is there anyone that has been in the same boat?

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