Homeschooling for free

Did you know that you can do homeschooling for free? It takes a bit of creativity and planning on the behalf of parents, but it can be done! Of course, nothing is absolutely free – you’ll still need materials like pens, pencils and art supplies. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on books and materials if you don’t want to. The secret is in learning to take advantage of the resources around you.

One of the first hurdles for homeschooling parents is creating a learning curriculum that meets the needs of their child. Many solve this problem by purchasing complete curriculums or even hiring professional curriculum planners – either of which can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars!

But if you take a few hours to thoroughly research what’s available on the internet, you can find plenty of free information on homeschooling curriculums to help you plan out your yearly and monthly lesson plans. There are also forums where you can interact with other home schooling parents to share information.

Ebay is a great choice for parents who want to save money on books; you can find second-hand volumes available at bargain basement prices. Local book sellers may also have used books that they sell cheap or give away. And don’t forget your local library usually has a book sell once or twice a year to make room for newer books.

It’s always best, if possible, to get your own books so that you and your child can work comfortably in your home. And don’t forget, the books you purchase can be used for all of your children; so buying now makes future years even more affordable.

If you simply can’t afford to buy any books, use the resources at your public library. Check out the books you need to work at home, and don’t forget that the library offers more than just books! Check out the audio and visual material they have, like language CDs and nature videos or DVDs.

Do you like to take field trips with your kids? There are probably plenty of historical or cultural sites near your home. Go for nature hikes at nearby state or national parks. If you can, do trips together with other homeschool families so your kids get to socialize with other children.

If your family is planning a vacation, see if you can’t build a lesson into it: a trip to the Grand Canyon is a great opportunity to learn history and earth sciences. Taking a trip to the Bahamas? You can study geography and sea life.

Hopefully these tips will help to get your imagination flowing. Soon, you’ll be making up homeschool lessons and curriculums that don’t cost an extra penny!

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