Musical instrument bingo

This is a new game I created which you can use both in the classroom and at home. The game is called Musical Instrument Bingo.

This is a bingo game where the students have to listen to short musical instrument sound clips and match them to the photos of these instruments on their bingo cards. The package contains 24 musical instrument sound clips, a check sheet and 32 different cards. This is great fun for in the classroom! From Kindergarten to fourth graders (and above), everyone will enjoy this!

The download contains:

– 32 different bingo cards
– 1 check sheet
– 24 musical instrument sound clips – burn them on cd or play them from your laptop/computer:

01 bongos
02 guitar
03 piano
04 castanets
05 accordion
06 horn
07 tambourine
08 violin
09 trumpet
10 cymbals
11 organ
12 sitar
13 harp
14 synthesizer
15 harmonica
16 macaras
17 didgeridoo
18 panflute
19 drums
20 xylophone
21 clarinet
22 saxophone
23 chimes
24 gong


– Unpack the .zip file containing the cards and the sound clips.
– Print and optionally laminate all the cards and the check sheet.
– Burn the .wav files on a (music) cd and make sure the original order of the musical instrument sound clips is maintained. The numbers on the check sheet correspond with the numbers on the cd. Try to add a 10 second pause between each sound. Alternatively play the animal sound clips straight from your (laptop) computer if you have one in the classroom.
– Hand out the bingo cards and make sure that every student has 6 chips (or something similar). Make sure you have enough chips yourself to put on the check sheet.

Let’s play

– The object of the game is to match the musical instrument sound clips to the corresponding photos.
– Turn on the cd and put it on random or shuffle play . This way the outcome of the game is truly random.
– When a student calls out a BINGO, you check this on your check sheet. If the BINGO is correct the student collect a small prize or a sticker.
– You can make the game a little easier by playing all the sounds in advance and explaining something about the instrument.
– You can make the game more difficult by handing out two or more cards to one student.

Download the game on TpT

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