Little knight math games

Conrad is a knight in training who learns many things from knight Roderick, like shooting at a target and repairing damaged shields. Conrad is starting to become a real knight. It is time for him to choose a nice shield with diamonds at the blacksmith’s …

This brand new, 55 page package contains three ‘knightly’ math games with knight Roderick and his squire Conrad.

In the first game “Targets”, Roderick teaches Conrad how to shoot with bow and arrow. Conrad practices many hours and his arrows hit the target! Children name the scored numbers and add up the score. An exciting game that offers many challenges.

In the second game, “Shields,” Conrad repairs shields that have been broken during a knightly duel. There are some diamonds missing from the shields. By mirroring Conrad knows which diamonds he has put on the shield. The children help Conrad with this. With a good visualization ability they will certainly succeed.

The third game is called “Squires”. Here Roderick lets Conrad choose a shield because he is starting to become a real knight. Conrad knows what he wants and has prepared a drawing of the shield of his dreams to show the blacksmith. Counting cards will show the children how to make the shield for Conrad. They playfully practice counting, the number symbols and colors.

All games in this package have multiple levels, so each child can practice at their own level. Additionally, this package contains twenty suggestions for circle time activities with diamonds. These activities will train observation, auditory memory and visualization.

The Little knight math games package is available at TpT.

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