Go Fish

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This game works the same as any other go fish games. Here are the rules:

Five cards are dealt to each player, or seven if there are only two players.The player whose turn it is to play asks another player for his/her cards of a particular category. For example, “Matt, do you have the brother in the family category?”. A player may only ask for a card from a category of which he already holds at least one card. The recipient of the request must then hand over all cards of that category. If the player who was asked has no cards of that category, he says “Go fish” (or simply “Fish”), and the asking player draws the top card from the pack. The turn then passes to the player who was asked.

When one player has all four cards of a given category, they form a quartet, and the cards are placed face up on the table. The game ends when all nine quartets are formed, and the player who won the most pairs wins.

If the player whose turn it is has no cards left in hand, the game is not over, but he simply draws the top card from the pack and the turn passes.

Go Fish

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Flowers: tulip, rose, sunflower, daffodil
Family: brother, sister, father, mother
Buildings: house, school, factory, church
Elephant: tusk, trunk, tail, foot
Profession: fireman, teacher, doctor, chef
Tools: hammer, pliers, screwdriver, saw
Fairy tales: gaint, fairy, mermaid, witch
Musical instruments: piano, guitar, saxophone, violin
Fruit: strawberry, apple, banana, grapes