Sound bingo

an example of a bingocard

Download the game here

This is a bingo game where the students have to listen to sounds and match them to the pictures on their bingo cards. Great fun for in the classroom: Kindergarten, first and second graders, everyone will enjoy this!


– Print and optionally laminate all the cards and the checksheet.
– Unpack the zipfile containing the sounds. Burn the sounds on a (music)cd and make sure the original sequence of the soundfiles is maintained. The numbers on the check sheet correspond with the numbers on the cd. Try to add a 10 second pause between each sound. Alternatively play the sounds straight from the computer if you have one in the classroom.
– Hand out the bingocards and make sure that every child has 6 chips. Make sure you have enough chips yourself to put on the check sheet.

Let’s play!

– The object of the game is to match the sounds to the corresponding pictures.
– Turn on the cd and put it on random or shuffle play . This way you have no influence on the game.
– When a student calls out BINGO, you check this on your checksheet. If the BINGO is correct the student will collect a small prize or a sticker.
– You can make the game more difficult by handing out two or more cards to one student.

This sound bingo game is a guaranteed hit and lots of fun so enjoy!


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