Word memory

Word memory

How does it work:

This game works the same as any other memory games, except for the fact that you’re not looking for 2 identical pictures. You are looking for a word and a picture. For example, the word cat and the picture cat are a match. The rules of the game stay the same. Lay all the cards out with the pictures / words facing down. Take turns in turning 2 cards. After every turn without a match you turn the pictures back to their original position. If you do have a match you get to go again. The winner is the person with the most matches.

Extra tips and suggestions:

  • Print out the memory cards twice if you only want to use the pictures, or words.

  • A child can play this game alone by simply laying all the cards on the table facing upwards and matching the words with the pictures.

  • Mix two word memories together to make the game more difficult.

  • After cutting out the pictures it would be wise if you used a coloured piece of paper, otherwise the pictures and words might be seen through the paper.

Animal word memory

(free download at TPT)Contains the following words:butterfly, cow, rooster, mole, rabbit, bird spider, pig, sheep, horse, chicken, bee, cat, dog, frog, duck, snail, fish

At home word memory

(download at TPT)

Contains the following words:door, clock, lamp, table, chair, house, window, wall, garden, bed, key, couch, door handle, toilet, bath, kitchen, microwave, sink


Body word memory

(download at TPT)

Contains the following words:hands, teeth, feet, leg, foot ear, head, arm, nail, nose, hair, toe, hand, mouth bone, fingers, ribs, eyes.

Colour word memory

(download at TPT)

Contains the following words:black, brown, white, grey, purple, turquoise, yellow, green, orange, blue, red, pink

Food word memory

(download at TPT)

Contains the following words:cake, candy, egg, fruit, vegetables, onion, lemon, pear, meat, nut, potato, carrot, cheese, tomato, bread, orange, ice cream, apple

Wild animal memory

(download at TPT)

Contains the following words:giraffe, elephant, crocodile, tiger, snake,monkey, rhino, turtle, hippo, parrot, penguin, ostrich, whale, shark, bear, gorilla, zebra