How to download PDF files

Most of the downloadable material on this website is published in Adobe PDF format, also known as “Portable Document Format”.

Why PDF?

PDF files don’t encode information that is specific to the application software, hardware, or operating system used to create or view the document. This feature ensures that a valid PDF will render exactly the same regardless of its origin or destination. PDF is also an open standard in the sense that anyone may create applications that read and write PDF files without having to pay royalties to Adobe Systems. So you don’t need expensive software to open the documents!

That’s all very nice, but how do I open these files?

You need a program on your computer that can read and open these PDF files. Most computers already have a program installed for this, but the fact that you are reading this page right now indicates it isn’t working as it should. If so, read on:

What PDF reader are you advising me to use?

Well, there are lots of free (and paid) PDF readers out there to download. But since Adobe has created the PDF standard (or at least I think so), I’m sticking with them for software to open PDF files. You can get the “Adobe Acrobat Reader” program for free by clicking on the picture below:

I installed the software but still something is wrong

A lot can go wrong when it comes to computers 😉 But seriously, this is an area beyond my skills. Ask a friend or someone at school to help you out. Also, the Adobe website offers support which might help you. Good luck!