(A fingerplay)

This is a car driving down the street
  (right fist travels down extended left arm)
Here’s a policeman walking his beat
  (right index and middle fingers walk down left arm)
Now he is checking the stores at night
To see that the stores are locked up tight
 ( right index finger and thumb turn key in keyhole formed   by crook of little finger of left hand, other fingers in a fist.)
And this is the friendly traffic cop,
  (left hand in fist, index finger straight up)
Who tells the cars when to Go and Stop!
  (on Go index finger beckons, on Stop, raise fist up)
When cars get in a traffic jam
  (jam fists together)
He help them better than anyone can.
 (left index finger as cop stands erect)

I’m a Police Officer

(Sung to: “I’m a little Teapot”)

I’m a police officer

With my star,
I help people
Near and far.
If you have a problem,
Call on me,
And I will be there
One, two, three!