Body lessons

Conversations and games

  • Use a feather and a blindfold to play the game “Where am I tickling you?” Let the children name the body parts where they are being tickled. Make sure only decent body parts are being tickled (hint: Only body parts not covered by clothes).
  • Let the children create a “me” drawing.
  • Buy or make a nice growth chart. Measure all the students, and place  stickers at their corresponding heights on the growth chart. It is especially nice if you measure them again at the end of the school year.
  • Make the children form a line (at random), and let one of them place everyone in an ascending line according to height.
  • Mention some body parts and let the children point them out on their own bodies.
  • Mention some body parts and let the children rhyme to these words.


Measuring our height

  • Let the children in the circle measure each others’ hands. Let them find another child that has equal size hands.
  • Play the mirror game: Put on a relaxing piece of music, have two children face each other. One child will have to mirror the movements of the other. After a while, let them trade places.
  • Hear-, smell- and tasting-games are always fun.
  • Where am I? Have the children shut their eyes. The teacher will make subtle sounds, and the children will have to point in the direction where the sounds came from.
  • Have the children remove their shoes. Create a pile in the middle of the circle. Then, send one of the children out of the classroom for a moment, and when make him or her match the shoes with the owners. When this is too difficult, let the children remove one shoe only, this will make the matching exercise easier.
  • Lay out a roll of wallpaper of some tables. Let some children outline one of the children on the wallpaper (he or she will have to lie on the table). All the children will finish the drawing as accurate as possible, including clothing, freckles etc.
  • Who is that? Blindfold one of the children and put someone else in front of him or her. Let the blindfolded person guess who’s in front of him/her by touching.