Fish lessons

Math activities

First, use the fish on the download page of this theme to create lots of paper fish. If you’re using Microsoft Word on your computer, there will be lots of fish-pictures on your computer already (You can download more clipart here: Print them on your printer and cut them out. Make sure you have at least 10 pictures. Put them on a mat, and have the children sort them or count them. For instance, if you have five fish on the mat, and remove two, how many are left? Increase the difficulty if necessary.

Use the fish you created in the last paragraph to explain what an equal amount is. Put some fish the mat, and put the rest in a basket. Ask the children to put the exact same amount of fish on another mat. Add a nice little story to it all. You can continue this game by explaining what ‘more’ means. Put some fish down on the mat, and ask the children to put ‘more’ fish on the other mat (smart children will empty the basket and put all the fish down!)

Group and other activities

  • Reading and discussing books related to fish.
  • Having a live fish tank or -bowl in the classroom is lots of fun.  The children can study it and you can discuss it’s looks etc.
  • Use the printed fish to create a memory game. Just print out pairs of two and you’re ready to go.
  • Buy some fish at your local supermarket or fish store, and have the children taste it!