Spring worksheets and downloads

Template butterfly

  • to use for a crafts activity
  • cut out the butterfly and let the children paint one side of the butterfly wings. Then fold double and press gently.


Template chicken

  • to use for a crafts activity


Colouring page flower garden


Template cow

  • to use for a crafts activity


Flashcards spring

  • contains the words: chick, chicken, rooster, bee, grass, caterpillar, butterfly, duck, lamb, sheep, bull, cow, calf, ram, mare, daffodil, hyacinth, dandelion, tulip, seeds, bee box, nest, piglet, pig, frog, foal, egg, mole, planting seeds and crocus
  • briefly display the cards as a learning exercise
  • several goals can be reached with this activity. Check the lessonpage for suggestions and ideas


Worksheet flowers

  • recognizing the number and then draw the right amount of petals around the heart of the flowers.


Worksheet mother & child

  • matching the mother with the child.
  • one set has three pictures belonging together, the father is also shown.


Template sheep

  • print out the sheep on pink paper and use either cotton wool or paint to give the sheep his fur.


Worksheet young animals

  • a counting exercise.
  • mistakes could be made when the children also count the parent. they should only count the young animals.
  • use number stamps or let the children write the correct number in the box