Classroom management monopoly



This is a fun way to encourage students to have a monopoly on great behavior!


  • an old monopoly board
  • velcro
  • token to move around board
  • blank die


  1. I use an old monopoly board, but any game board with squares or sections that have a beginning and an ending would work fine. Our school is using a “on the right track” theme with trains and train whistles, so I incorporated that theme with my monopoly board. I glued “train tracks” around the outer edge of the monopoly board. I attached velcro on each space of the board and on a train token, so that the train can “move” around the board. I took a blank die and used a marker to put a 1 or a 2 on each side of the die. I made a sign to place on the center of the board, titling it “We’re on the Right Track Monopoly”.
  2. When my class receives a compliment, every student turns in homework on time, does something special, etc, then they get a roll of the die. We’ll move the train either 1 or 2 spaces, depending on what we roll.
  3. If they land directly on “free parking” they’ll get a small reward for making it halfway around the board. I’m planning on giving them a Hershey Kiss or a couple of M&M’s.
  4. If they land on “go to jail” rather than making them go all the way back to the jail section, they’ll be penalized by having to run a lap around the playground at recess or do 10 jumping jacks – a fun and healthy penalty!
  5. We will draw a reward card from community chest to start the game, so the class will know what they are working toward. It may be a popcorn party or an extra recess – something they’ll work for. Once they pass “go” they’ve won the reward – BUT – will have the option of trading in the community chest reward for a chance reward! If they choose to trade the known community chest reward for the unknown chance reward – then that is what the receive instead. Of course, the chance rewards are also true rewards that the students will enjoy – it’s just the surprise of the unknown – and adds to their interest and enthusiasm!
  6. After winning their reward, we start out a new game with new rewards and continue using the monopoly board for classroom management throughout the school year.