Pizza cardboards


GRADES: 1-12


  • clothespins
  • circle cardboards from pizzas


  1. On one side of a pizza cardboard circle (poster board works also but not as well), divide the area into a desired number of sections by dividing the circle (across the diameter, like a pie).
  2. In each section print the desired information or questions and then on the back of each section write the corresponding answer.
  3. On both sides of a clothespin, near the clip end, write the answers to the information or questions.
  4. Place the clothespins in a plastic bag and attach to the circle.
  5. The students read the information or question, they select the clothespin with the correct answer from the bag and clip it to the edge of the circle near the corresponding question (a version of matching).
  6. For a self check the student can flip over the cardboard and see if they have put the correct answer (clothespin).
  7. This can be placed at a center or for when students are “done” with all their work. Students can also be the developers.
  8. A few examples for the different areas:
    • math: multiplication (all the 9 facts on one), addition, subtraction or division facts; fractions, decimals and percents (pictures and the fraction or decimal and percent equivalents); numerals and expanded form; digital and analog time; pictures of coins and amounts; angles and degrees; sin, co-sin and tangent
    • language arts/ English: antonyms or synonyms; vocabulary and definitions; authors and books; upper and lower case letters of the alphabet; abbreviations;
    • science: chemical equations (ions); animals and kingdoms,
    • health: organs and functions; foods and food groups;
    • social studies: people and inventions; dates and events; states, capitals and abbreviations (countries also);
    • Foreign languages: vocabulary and the English translation
    • definitions and terminology for any content area would work